Our Story

Guild of Nerds is your go-to cosplay website for online content such as cosplay tips, tricks, reviews, interviews, how-to’s and so much more.

We are a cosplay website and organization that launched in early 2014.

Our organization started as a cosplay events company that organized cosplay events, competitions, workshops, and meetups.

We now have cosplay brand ambassadors and writers from all over the globe that bring you the best cosplay costume content in the world.

If you would like to write for us you can email us. [email protected]

We cover everything from cosplay wigs to cosplay armor, made costumes or bought costumes.

We have content that will cater to the cosplay beginner to the seasoned expert,

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Cosplay Website

What Is Our Mission?

Our mission is to create content for cosplayers with our cosplay website and to raise awareness of the cosplay industry and hopefully attract more people to the hobby.

Most of our team are cosplayers and we hope to create a family-like community with our brand.

What Have We Been Able To Achieve?

  • 50+ Worldwide Ambassadors
  • Organized Cosplay Events For Over 100+ Conventions
  • 1000+ People In The Audience For A Cosplay Competition and Panel.
  • 70+ Participant In One Cosplay Competition.
  • We Have Worked With Various Worldwide Recognized Brands.
  • Interviewed And Worked With Some Of the Biggest Names In The Industry.