Cosplay Services

Guild of Nerds offers various cosplay services such as cosplay exhibits, events, areas, workshops, and competitions. We offer to advertise through our social media, mailing list and website to all our clients.  For a quote to book us at your event or to avail of advertising options send us an email using the contact form and add details of the event and what you would like us to do. Cosplay events bring a great atmosphere to any event and can increase attendance. We are open to various projects and willing to work with your vision and goals. We make exemptions when it comes to 100% non-profit charity events or causes.

Cosplay Competitions

Guild of Nerds are known to organize cosplay competitions at Irish and UK conventions, We run both casual, professional or mixed competitions depending on the type of event. We have ran over 50 plus cosplay competitions as of 2018 and still counting. A cosplay competition can often be the most popular event at a convention, often filling most of the seats and gains a lot of attention from press.Cosplay is for everyone and is open to anyone to enter from the smallest to biggest cosplay. The youngest to the oldest entry and we encourage everyone to enter.

Cosplay Events

At conventions, we run interactive cosplay events for everyone to enjoy. We have had our own dedicated stage and catwalks for weekend-long cosplay entertainment.Some of the events we have run are as follows.

Cosplay Blind Date

Our version of Cosplay Blind Date is a family-friendly interactive comedic event similar to a game show.  It is usually done with Guild of Nerds members but can be done with attendees. Your favorite Video game, Comic book, Anime or Sci-fi characters face off to win a date with our suitor.  This event is not for real and only done for the entertainment of the audience.

Cosplay Junk Battle

Junk Battle is open to anyone, its where within a certain time limit and with limited materials, you make a costume. Materials will usually consist of anything you can find from home. Then at the end you can showcase your Cosplay Junk Battle Costume.

Cosplay Workshops

Workshops are where you can learn to create different things in cosplay by our resident cosplayers. Learn to make props or use various material such as foam, worbla, resin, and fabric and have the supervision of cosplayers who are experienced in using the material.

Cosplay Q and A

Q and A segments are where you can ask the cosplay guests anything from how they build their social media, wigs, props, materials and so much more. Every cosplayer is different, so this is a great way to get tips and tricks from local cosplayers.