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Weirdo Ellie Cosplay

Hi, I am Ellie, also known as Weirdo Ellie Cosplay. I am 21 and a UK cosplayer. I cosplay a range of characters from different tv shows, comics and films, such as Harley Quinn (DC), Cinderella (Disney) and Cheryl Blossom (Riverdale).

What got you in to cosplay?

I have always loved fashion and costume design and textiles was always my favourite subject at school. My family always used to always put lots of effort in making costumes for school costume days and Competitions etc. When I went to see Suicide Squad, I absolutely fell in love with Harley Quinn and this sparked my interest in DC and Marvel flms, comics and shows. So Cosplay seemed like the perfect hobby to combine my new found love of all things Geeky and Costumes.

Where did you get the Weirdo Ellie Cosplay name from?

Well, my name is Ellie, I cosplay and I am definitely a weirdo!

What was your first character to cosplay?

My First cosplay was Killer Frost from the CW Show ‘The Flash’. This was in March 2017 for my first ever comic con (MCM Birmingham). I remember being very nervous about walking into the convention in my cosplay as I didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as I got inside, I was amazed.

What’s your favourite cosplay so far?

I don’t think I have a favourite cosplay! I definitely have cosplays that I prefer but I love all of them. Some of my favourites would include Bride Harley, Suicide Squad Harley, Cinderella, Black Canary, Warrior Anna and many many more.

How has social media helped your cosplay?

Social Media has helped me a tremendous amount! My main goal for my instagram page was for it to be a way of making friends, and it has helped me meet so many new people in such a short space of time. Everyone is like family and it is definitely a great community to be apart of. Social media in cosplay has made me so much more positive in everyday life as well- not only have others been complimentary of me, but I have realised that complimenting others and spreading love, has a really positive effect on yourself. Also social media is an amazing source of inspiration for cosplay! Other cosplayers, MUAs, designers, artists and even the shows/comic/films themselves have pages, provides almost limitless inspiration. I constantly see things on instagram that I screenshots or save for future reference. It is Great!

What makes a great cosplay group shoot?

Well, I absolutely group cosplays so much! I currently have 7 upcoming cosplay groups, throughout the next year, ranging from American Horror story, Horror Disney Mahsup and World of Warcraft style Pokemon. I love doing groups because its great sharing your love of something with lots of friends. For a group shoot I would recommend planning well, for example, I keep a spreadsheet that lists all the characters and cosplayers (this ensures that you don’t accidentally duplicate characters), I also put together a group chat. This is great because everyone can share ideas and progress with each other. Another good idea is to save images/screenshots of photo ideas, this ensures that when you shoot, you know exactly what poses to do. It can be very easy to forget your ideas due to the excitement on the day. If everyone gets on in the group then in makes it a much more fun and enjoyable experience. The main thing to remember is to just have fun!

Beast boy: @cyanmancosplay
Superboy: @lilconkid
Raven: Weirdo Ellie Cosplay
Robin: @pajama_boy_wonder
Starfire: @tara.cosplay
Hawk: @batgigg_chaoswizard
Dove: @hannah_in.wonderland
Jason Todd: @vigilance_cosplay
Photographer 📸: @iphotouk

How was it for you judging a cosplay contest for the first time?

It was really fun and very interesting! I love seeing everyone’s cosplays and performances and learning about how the made them. I would definitely love to do it again!

What cosplayers inspired you to start?

The main cosplayers that inspired me to start cosplay were @originalkiller.clown, @everyday_harleyquinn, @miss_bribri, @lovetahnee, @the.foam.queen and @infamouslauragilbert

What advice would you give to new cosplayers?

Definitely start a page on social media as it gives you a base to showcase your cosplays and a new way of making friends with people who share your interests. Do a lot of research on each cosplay, I like to find a balance between cost and accuracy, which means I search the whole internet to find the items that suit my requirements. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! So many people get caught up in accuracy, follow count, deadlines, number of likes, and obviously everyone has different goals but don’t let those things get in the way of enjoying yourself.