Throwback cosplays are always a hit even if just for nostalgias sake. One cosplay I see cropping up again and again is Debbie Thornberry from The Wild Thornberry’s and overall it is a very simple cosplay to throw together and pull off! Closet cosplays are also becoming more and more popular as it shows that cosplay doesn’t always have to be super complicated, can be lots of fun and even be fairly cheap to throw together!

In this buying guide i have included options that you can buy and wear off the rack however i have also added options that are cheaper and can be altered for those that are thrifty and creative enough to do so!

Long Curly Wig

One of the first things you will need for your Debbie Thornberry cosplay is a long curly wig! Curly wigs come in all sorts of curl widths so you’ll need something yellow blonde with small tight curls to get her signature look! Debbie has this look throughout the series so even if you want to try another Debbie look you can use the same wig for all of them!

Green Plaid Shirt

Next up is her green plaid shirt! The style of shirt Debbie has is impossible to find and I don’t believe it actually exists as a pattern, HOWEVER it is possible to find other green plaid shirts. The one I have pictured is the closest i could find to the pattern on her shirt and it is from New Look and is currently on sale for £7! My own shirt I got for this cosplay was bought in a vintage clothing store which if you have one near you would be the best place to look for closet cosplays.

Orange Crop Top

Debbie wears an orange crop top underneath her green plaid shirt. Orange isn’t the easiest colour to find in crop tops however there are some options available online. Pictured is a crop top from TopShop priced at £12. For my cosplay I bought an orange top I also found in my local vintage store and cut the neck and hem so it would be a crop top which is also an option if you think you’re up to the task of altering clothes!

Ripped Baggy Jeans

Finishing off the base of Debbie you’ll need a pair of baggy jeans with the knees ripped. Pictures are a pair from PrettyLittleThing at around £30. A cheaper alternative which is what I did is to buy a pair of baggy jeans (or jeans that are too big) from your local second hand or vintage store and sew the waistline to fit you! This alternative also feels much better when you have to rip the knees of your jeans!

Extra Accessories

  • Debbie is often seen with headphones on and a walkman of some sort playing heavy metal music. 
  • She often also carries a magazine about rock bands and rock music

  • Black Dr marten boots

  • Black winged eyeliner

Congrats you now have a completed Debbie Thornberry  Cosplay

Here’s how mine turned out

My local second hand clothing store has a deal for 3for£10. I got my jeans, top and shirt all in this deal meaning this cosplay cost me £10 total because i already had headphones, shoes and the wig!