What you need?

I made a boudoir version of this cosplay but the shape is very easy to turn into a full dress cosplay of Bowsette by adding a black skirt to the bottom. There are ways to make this build a little cheaper or more expensive depending on what materials you choose, however I will break down what will make it more expensive

Materials used:

  • Black faux leather (for the corset) or a black fabric of your choice
  • Zipper
  • Matching black bias tape (not essential but cleans up edges)
  • Eva foam
  • Cosclay
  • White Paint
  • Green Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Orange Paint
  • Gold paint
  • Clothing Magnet clasps or hook and eye clasps

Tools used:


  • sewing machine
  • Dremmel
  • Paint brushes
  • Contact cement

To Buy:

  • Blonde Ponytail wig
  • Elf ears
  • Vampire teeth
  • Blue contact lenses (non essential)

Where To Start

Before i start crafting anything i always break down a costume into parts. 

This helps me make sure that I know everything that makes up the costume before going ahead and making or ordering any fabric. That way I get no surprises part way through the process.

I tend to find it easiest to get together all the reference photos I can get of as many angles of the costume as I can get and then I draw a front and back view of the costume if they are different (i cannot include a reference of this due to copyright but a big collage of photos of all angles is the jist). For me it helps to draw out all the elements but you may want to at the very least print a reference photo and make a list if you don’t want to draw.

Working From The Base

I personally find the easiest place to start is at the base layers and work my way out, so my ideal place to start is with the bodice. As I have made bodices before this part was easy for me.

I have a bodice pattern that I have used for dark magician girl that is fitted for my shape and so I used that pattern again for Bowsette. You can find swimming suit or bodysuit patterns online and buy them in your size which can be reused again and again.

(i use odd objects to weigh down fabric that leave marks if pierced with a needle)

Normally I would line and interface my bodysuits but the faux leather fabric held its shape pretty well on its own and it doesn’t fray at the edges so I didn’t have any potentially messy seams to cover up. As I haven’t lined the inside I used a bias binding around the outside just to keep everything tidy.

The Shell

Using the foam we cut an oval shape slightly larger than what you want your shell to be.

Also cut a trim for the shell (i cut it in two parts to save on foam) sticking it on top helps create the edge of the shell

Cut triangles of the same size at regular intervals on the oval as shown in the image on the right. These triangles are what give the shell Its 3d shape.

When glued together it should look something like the photo on the right.

I sand down the joins so that they will be smooth when painted and don’t forget to use a heat gun to heat seal the foam to stop it being super porous.

Don’t forget to add the tubes at the bottom of the spikes, then prime and paint!

I use PVA glue in layers as a primer which fills any small rough edges like can be seen on the joins of my spikes! A few layers or primer and acrylic paint and they are no longer visible

This concludes part one of making Bowsette. If you have any comments about areas I may have glazed over or if I’m not describing things well enough don’t hesitate to let me know!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for part two which includes, accessories, the crown, styling the wig and making the horns!