Hello followers of Guild of Nerds! We’re Coloured Contacts and we’re here to introduce ourselves, our range of Cosplay contact lenses and our love for character costumes!

At Coloured Contacts we have a huge range of colored contact lenses that can be used to bring all your character costumes to life.

Once thought to be only for one-off costumes or fancy dress, our contact lenses are available in a range of durations. Our lenses can be for those attending multiple conventions or even fans of subtle natural colors that can be used as circle lenses for everyday kawaii looks.

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But with our passion for Cosplay, it’s our anime-themed costume contact lenses that we really want to tell you about.

Creating a Cosplay should be more than just a simple fancy dress; and bringing your favourite characters to life is something that’s easily achievable with colored contacts!

Don’t believe us? With some of our cost effective lenses, you can become anything from a shinobi warrior, dreaded Shinigami or even take on the glowing eyes of your favourite mecha! Visit some of our in depth Cosplay blogs for bringing your favorite anime characters to life. Pair it with the inspiration from Guild of Nerds and create a masterpiece!

Why Should I Use Cosplay Contact Lenses?

Not only are cosplay contact lenses safe and comfortable, but they’re also a jaw-dropping finishing touch to a costume that makes all the difference.

Coloured Contacts soft lenses are available in a variety of durations for people who prefer daily or reusable styles up to one year, and almost all of our crazy styles can be found within both of these ranges.

Do glasses ever hinder your Cosplay?

Be sure to consider using a pair of prescription contact lenses for some of our most popular styles!

Although we firmly believe that colored contacts are for everyone, it’s clear that they have a special place within the Cosplay community.

This has been shown to us with our affiliate cosplayers who have utilized some of our lenses in order to enhance their work.

One example of this breathtaking Cosplay is from the talented Francesca Di Giovanni.

Known on Instagram as @avada_kedavra , Francesca is adept at creating some of the finest character creations on the web.

Some of her posts with our lenses include Eren Yaeger’s Titan Form, Darth Maul and her unique Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse look! See Avada_Kedavra’s Cosplay Gallery.

Need Cosplay Inspiration?

With the thousands of anime and manga characters in the world, it can sometimes be hard to pin down your next Cosplay.

There’s a host of information on Guild of Nerds with some of the most recent trending Cosplays from their epic community.

However, if you’re dead set on using colored contacts for your look and you need some help in choosing your next costume; be sure take a quick look at the Coloured Contacts blog at https://www.colouredcontacts.com/en/blog

As well as affiliate features you can be sure to find a range of information on how to care for your lenses as well as some of the finest new cosplay ideas!

So far we have many contact lens blog posts focusing on characters from Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, Darling In The Franxx and more!
Collaborate With Us?

Our lenses need your talent! If you’re a frequent Cosplay influencer, we’d love to work with you.

We sponsor new affiliates with our latest colored contact lenses and feature them on our social media.

We also sponsor Cosplay events and competitions worldwide. Find out more on our convention sponsorship on our Colored Contact Lens Affiliate page

We hope that we’ve shown you how colored contact lenses can transform and enhance your Cosplay.

If you’d like to find out more then please visit our website for more of our lens styles, care guides and costume inspiration with features from our affiliates.

Thank you to Guild Of Nerds for giving us this opportunity to be featured among their fantastic content and talented Cosplayers!