When it comes to cosplay, you can either make your costume, buy items from places like Target that could build up a costume or buy the costume online. But where are the best places to buy costumes online and where are the best places for cosplay in general? I think I’ve come up with a list of cosplay websites to help you out.

For this list, I will divide it into half. Five of the websites on this list are for buying costumes, props and wigs and the other five are for guiding you on how to make certain items. Because, like all cosplayers, we need guidance or inspiration sometimes to get the job done.

So here is my Top Five Cosplay sites for tutorials and guidelines for costumes. These lists are in no particular order and are ones I use normally:

Cosplay websites


When you look up “how to make……” on Google or Bing or whatever you use to look up things on, you tend to find that a site called WikiHow comes up quite frequently. And for good reason. WikiHow has tutorials on many different things. This includes “How To Gain an Inch On Your Hips.” to “How To Walk Away From A Married Man.”. Strange things to look up, believe me, but are very helpful articles. I have used this site for my Poison Ivy cosplay and learning how to make a cape. A helpful site indeed.

All That Is Cosplay/AllThatsEpic.com    

This site is very useful as it has different types of articles that are perfect for the cosplayers of the world. They have articles like “Cosplay 101: Planning Your First Cosplay.” and “Epic Everyday Cosplays.” that include the likes of Meg Griffin and Veronica Mars. They also have videos to help you dye fabric for cosplays and makeup tutorials too. Overall, a good site to use and would recommend it.


Svetlanna and Benni are two hardworking cosplayers who have made a name for themselves by doing tutorials on Youtube,     writing books on how to make costumes out of worbla, styling wigs and many many more. They are a great site to follow and are well  deserving of their popularity with cosplayers. And even though I don’t use worbla all that much, I bought one of their books and it’s     so easy to follow and to understand if you’re a simple minded   cosplayer like me. So, overall, KamuiCosplay are the cosplay dream     team taking the community by storm.    


Instructables is a very handy site, like WikiHow, for many things. From “Fireballs You Can Hold in Your Hands!” to “Cosplay Repair Station.” they have a lot of helpful articles to help you both improve your cosplays and to find some hobbies that you could try and get into. It’s a helpful site that I think you would enjoy using.    

And finally:


Yes, the thing you use almost everyday to watch videos of professional dancers and cat memes is actually a great place for     cosplayers to find tutorials and step-by-step run throughs of     different costumes. I have used it many times to see how people made specific items for their costumes. Not to mention that they have cosplay channels like Nerd Caliber that go to cons and interview     cosplayers about what they go through and ask them questions of the day like “Cosplayers don’t…….” where the cosplayers fill in the blank and “Cosplayers Speak Out Against Harassment at Otakon     2015.”. They also have interviews with voice actors and actors.     There is also this hilarious Deadpool cosplayer called D Piddy who basically causes mayhem at different cons that he goes to. He is so funny to watch and will always make me laugh at his silliness and will make me wonder every time I watch is videos “how the hell did he get away with that?” while laughing my ass off. So even though many people will know this, go onto Youtube and find cosplayers through it.    

Now onto the websites to buy cosplays from. Again, this is in no particular order. This is just me throwing them out there as I think of them:


Definitely the most expensive website on this list, Etsy is the eBay for handmade items. This varies from handmade costumes between €100-€2,000 to custom made wedding rings. Even though the prices are high, the items are well worth it. However,     just like with the rest of the sites, ALWAYS read the reviews of people selling the items and only accept a 100%-99.9% or 4-5 star reviews. You never know what the quality of their service is going to be like and it’s always safer to go to see what other people said about how that person did on the costume and general service. Just be safe out there in the not so friendly world called the Internet.


Ebay is a cheap site to buy costumes or props but just like with the first and the next slot, they do more than costumes. Ebay does electronics, costumes, furniture, antiques, music albums and many more. You can either buy it straight away or bid for it in an auction. But remember, follow the guidelines that I mentioned before when it comes to buying items. I will repeat it: ALWAYS read the reviews of people selling the items and only accept 4-5 star review. You don’t want to be scammed out of money. And always message them and follow up your order if you don’t see it in the time that says it will take deliver it with a little bit of wiggle room for patience.    


Amazon is the more reliable sites I have been on out of the three mentioned before. Myself and my family use it more often     and they haven’t been in bad conditions. Hence, to us, it’s better. However, we do follow the guidelines mentioned in both the Ebay and Etsy slots prior. I don’t think I need to repeat it at this point. Amazon also sells more than just costumes and wigs. They sell books, toys, car parts, gardening and many more. Just be warned, when you type in cosplay into the search bar, you will get sexy schoolgirl uniforms as the first things you see. But don’t worry, there are actual costumes lower down and on the next few pages mixed in with the schoolgirl outfits and the BDSM clothing. Just keep searching and you will find what you need.    

Rockstar Wigs + Gothic Lolita Wigs

I heard about these sites from a Youtuber Cosplayer Alexa Poletti and has them as her main wig providers. She is their spokesperson and that’s why I put both if them together on this list. Both shops have a great variety when it comes to the different types of wigs that they have. They range from thigh long wigs to super short, natural colored to rainbow colored. They have a wide variety of styles, and colors that I think you will love to get. Their prices start between €30-€50 to €100 roughly and they both have a section of lace front and hard front wigs.

And lastly:


This site sells costumes from movies, anime, and games.

They do props, wigs, costumes, shoes, you name it, they do it.
They even do contact lenses, fangs, elf ears, eyelashes, tattoo stickers and many many many more. It’s insane how much they have on their site. Not to mention that they are all in a decent price range if you are on a budget. They also do a wide variety of sizes, including having the costume custom-made to your size. However, as I have not received anything from this site, I have no idea what their quality is like. But on saying that, I have talked to many people about their opinions on the site and the general conscience was that some people had good quality items that they bought from them but sizing was a little off and shipping was fast, others had really bad experiences with them. So do your research before buying anything from there to be on the safe side.

And that was my list of sites for cosplays. I hope you enjoyed this list and go try out these sites for yourself. See what you think of them and let us know if this helped you out or not. Also if you have any other topics you want us to discuss, let us know in the comments. And be sure to like and follow the Guild Of Nerds on Facebook and Instagram.

And have a wonderfully Nerdy day.