WHETHER you have just discovered the realm of nerds or you are one of the holders of the 19 original rings, everyone remembers their first cosplay event. The lights, the smells (no judgement – costumes can be SWEATY) and the sounds are a veritable feast for the senses. Take a trip down memory lane and re-live popping your cosplay cherry with our list…

1.This is like Harry Potter discovering he’s a wizard

How did I not know this world existed? Storm Troopers and Ghost Busters hanging out in the same convention centre/parish hall? This is so freakin’ cool!

2. Man, these people are dedicated….

How many hours did it take to craft that sword? I barely have time to make dinner, let alone spend hours poring over intricate, accurate detailing. These guys must have great patience.

First Cosplay Event

3. Why is Barry (the guy in the Iron Man costume) working as an accountant?

Someone needs to give him a job as a props maker, stat! Seriously though…that guy has got some major skills with a hot glue gun.

Props Maker

4. Do they know I’m not one of them?

Are they staring at me? Oh wait, I’m staring at them. Maybe I should pick my jaw up off the floor, lest they discover me and feed me to the Gammoreans.

5. It’s so great that these people found each other. God bless the internet.

Being different can be super difficult at times. Maybe you’re not into skulling 15 pints on a Saturday night. Maybe you’re happier up to your knees in costume fabric and patterns. How fantastic it is that nerds now have a place to totally be themselves and not get persecuted for it. Long live the nerds!

6. Would they mind if I ask them for a photo?

I don’t know the protocol here. Is it rude to go up to a cosplayer and ask for a selfie? …I’m gonna ask for a cosplay selfie.

Cosplay Photo

7. Wow, everyone is super friendly

Okay, it’s been a few hours now and no-one has thrown me out yet. Maybe I could talk to them about their craft and pick their brains on the best way to get started?

cosplay friends

8. I want this, and this….ooh and this!

There is so much cool stuff here and I don’t have to wait three months for it to come from Japan. The merchandise cravings are real.

9. There should be prizes for this stuff! Oh wait…

You can win prizes for this?? That’s my college loans sorted! Haha yeah right, as if I could ever get up to that standard. Still, Aslan loves a trier.

10. What can i make in time for the next one?

That’s it. I’m hooked. The world of cosplay has me forever in her spell now. I wonder if that old dressing gown I have at home could pass for a Mulan costume?