Shaggy Cosplay Buying Guide

Scooby Doo has been around for like half a century and Shaggy Rogers has always been a fan favorite. He has become the center point of pop culture at the moment with a resurgence in popularity due to internet memes depicting Shaggy as God. But that’s a story for another day. Lets get in to our Shaggy Rogers Cosplay Buying Guide.

Shaggy God Meme

Green V Neck T-Shirt

Jinkies! A basic green v-neck t-shirt is all you need, you can play around with the different colors of green, darker greens like the image above would be the most accurate to the character but any green v-neck should work well for your Shaggy Cosplay.

Wine Pants

You want to get a casual pair of wine jeans or chinos to add the costume to complete the look. Most of Shaggys costume can be found in charity shops, most low-cost men’s clothing stores or Amazon and I have attached links to all the images featured, Zoinks!

Black Dress Shoes

A formal pair of black dress shoes or any black shoes will complete the look for your Shaggy Rogers Cosplay.

Light Brown Mens Wig

You can use your own hair for the costume but if you want to add something extra, you can get a 60’s-70’s style light brown wig to match Shaggy Rogers hair.

Scooby Doo Plush Toy

A perfect addition to the cosplay would be your old buddy, old pal, your faithful companion Scooby Doo himself.

Shaggy Rogers Cosplay Tutorial

While researching the character I came across this Shaggy Rogers Cosplay Tutorial which may give you some extra ideas especially if you are wanting to genderbend.

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