The chilling adventures of Sabrina blew people away when it hit Netflix in October 2018. Sabrina Spellman is now on many peoples list to cosplay and I would consider it a closet cosplay. (Something you can piece together from things you have in your closet) if you want the cosplay the more casual Greendale version of her. So let’s start this Sabrina Spellman Cosplay Buying Guide.

Sabrina Spellman Cosplay

Short Blonde Curly Wig

One of the first things you will need for your Sabrina cosplay will be a short curly blonde wig, sandy blonde if you’re going for Sabrina at the start of Season 1 or a more brighter blonde for a later version of the Sabrina at the end of season 1. You may have to cut and style the wig to get it to look right but its something fun to play around with.

Black Fabric Hair Band

Then you will need a hair band and you will begin to start looking to like Sabrina Spellman. Any black hairband will do, the one in the show is fabric if you want to be more accurate.

Red/Wine Wool Jacket

While in Greendale Sabrina sports a wine buttoned wool jacket that she mostly leaves unbuttoned. These can run you a pretty penny so remember to shop around for a good price.

Red White Collar Dress

While at the Academy of unseen arts most of the female students wear Black collar dresses but Sabrina’s is a distinctive red dress.

A Lace Collar

To complete the look of the red collar dress, a lace collar will make you look more accurate to the show, these are very affordable to buy.

Black Turtle Neck

Sabrina is often seen wearing black turtle necks under her red wool coat or often on its own. This is recommended for when you wanna be a more casual version of the character.

Salem Soft Toy

To make Sabrina stand out adding a black cat soft toy wouldn’t be a bad decision as Sabrina doesn’t like to leave Salem at home.

Red/Wine Handbag

Sabrina carries a Wine/Red handbag with a long strap and these are affordable but not easy to find one that matches hers but you should be find if you don’t strive for accuracy.

Silver Necklace

This is not really necessary,but for the completionists out there, Harvey gives Sabrina a silver necklace early on and shes saw wearing it throughout the show.

Youtube Reference

So that was our Sabrina Spellman Cosplay Buying Guide. Below are some cosplayers/costume enthuasists from Youtube we found while researching this buying guide. Check them out for further ideas when piecing together your Sabrina cosplay.

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