10 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Beginners

So you came to our blog post and wanted some cosplay ideas for beginners, well you came to the right place.

When I first began my journey into the world of Cosplay it was pretty daunting especially when you see how much time, effort and expensive the costumes can be.

I remember my first convention and freaking out that I wouldn’t have anything to Cosplay in, luckily for me there were a few tv shows I had been watching that had some really easy costumes.

In fact, I still use some of these costumes today whenever I need a last minute Halloween costume (or I forgot there was a convention coming up).

Sam and Dean Winchester Cosplay (Supernatural)

Supernatural Cosplay

The Winchester brothers are great cosplay ideas for males looking for something simple.

This was one of my first cosplays and believe it or not I got everything in a discount clothing store for about 20 Euro.

You don’t even need any cosplay props, however, I did carry a toy gun and a fake FBI badge that you can get from at most stores for cheap.

L Cosplay (Death Note) 

Deathnote Cosplay
This is one of those perfect last minute cosplay ideas for an anime con.

All you need for this cosplay build is a white shirt, black jeans, a wig and loads of eyeliner to recreate the iconic L look. (Jared Leto eat your heart out)

If you wanted to get creative you could even make your very own Death Note by painting the cover of any A4 sized notebooks.

 Sabrina The Teenage Witch Cosplay (New or Old)

Sabrina Cosplay

Everyone loved Sabrina The Teenage Witch growing up and this would be an easy cosplay to do that would get recognition at your next convention or party.

You could pretty much wear any outfit, a blonde wig and carry a black cat soft toy and your cosplay would be finished.

For a Chilling adventure of Sabrina cosplay all you need is a red jacket or a red dress and lace collar which you can also pick up any clothing store

You could also add the iconic blood symbol if you didn’t have the proper outfit.

These two are ideas are definitely great choices as last-minute easy cosplay ideas for comic con if you procrastinated on your costume before the con or if you want some awesome content to post on Instagram.

Stephen Universe Cosplay

This is a very easy cosplay idea to recreate.

Buy a pink t-shirt paint a yellow star on or even cut out some yellow fabric and hot glue it on.

A pair of jeans, some flip flops, face paint and a bit of imagination is all you will need for this build.

Arthur Morgan Cosplay (Red Dead Redemption)

Arthur Morgan has a lot of different outfits throughout Red Dead Redemption but the easiest would have to be a blue shirt, brown (or black) trousers.

A black neck scarf and a cowboy hat. Any props you can easily pick up at a children’s toy store.

You can even dirty up the shirt for a more “rough” look.

A trick for that would be to rise the fabric with coffee to get that worn dirty aesthetic.

Doctor Who Cosplay (The 11th Doctor)

The 11th Doctors look is easy enough to replicate as his tweed jacket can be found in discount clothing chains around summertime.

If you’re in need of a bowtie check your local charity shops to see if they have anything before buying a brand new one.

 Wednesday Addams Cosplay (The Addams Family)

Wednesday Addams is one of the best characters in the Addams family.

Luckily her outfit is easy to recreate so long as you can find a dark dress and a white shirt to go underneath it.
Wednesday is also one of the most popular cosplay ideas for Halloween.

Noodle Cosplay (The Gorillaz )

Noodle Cosplay

Initially, I wasn’t going to put this Cosplay in as there was a bit of sewing involved, but then I remembered that I’m pretty bad at sewing, and if I can sew a few pockets onto a nurses outfit that I bought at a costume shop, so can you.

You could also hot glue the pockets on, but where is the fun in that?

This one is a bit more complicated than the others but if you like a challenge and want something a little bit harder to put together than this one is for you.

Powerpuff Girls Cosplay

Powerpuff Girls Cosplay

So long as you have a dress in red, blue or green and a black belt this costume should be a breeze. Plus, who doesn’t love the Powerpuff Girls?

Ruby Gloom Cosplay

Ruby Gloom Cosplay

Ruby Gloom is an adorable character that you just can’t help but love. Her costume is pretty simple.

A short red wig, a black dress, and yellow/red stockings You can probably get a yellow pair and paint the red on with fabric paint.

Those are my 10 Cosplay ideas for beginners, I hope you found them helpful.

Just remember to go at your own pace and your cosplay doesn’t have to be perfect.

We all started somewhere, and no matter what way your costume turns out in the end, remember that you put the time and effort to piece it together and you should be proud.

If you have any great cosplay ideas for beginners put them in our comments section below.

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