shooting your own cosplay photos

There are many reasons why you might want to shoot your own cosplay photos. Photographers can be expensive and although they are worth what they charge not everyone has that kind of money (especially when you’ve spent it all on your cosplay) you might have anxiety and struggle to request friends for help as it can be embarrassing (this is actually how I started doing it myself) or maybe its just easier to take your own pictures in your free time than scheduling out a full day that both you and a photographer are available to take photos

Essential Equipment For Taking Your Own Cosplay Photos

On the left will be a cheaper option and on the right will be a more expensive option for each item.

1. Camera

Smart Phone


  1. Almost everyone already has one
  2. No steep learning curve to use
  3. Cheaper to have a camera phone which is used for many things than an expensive stand alone camera


  1. Limited quality of photo (depending on phone)

DSLR Camera


  1. High quality images 
  2. Abundant editing possibilities



  1. Expensive to buy
  2. Can be a bit of a learning curve to learn to use



2. Tripod

Selfie Stick


  1. Can be folded small enough to fit in a bag
  2. Can be used anywhere
  3. Some even have shutter button built in



  1. Limited usability 
  2. Break easily
  3. Often obvious a selfie stick is being used
  4. Limited posing options as you need to hold selfie stick
  5. Only work with phones

Quality Tripod



  1. When combined with either the timer function or a remote shutter there are unlimited possibilities with posing
  2. Easy to set up and use
  3. Work with DSLR, cameras and also phones


  1. Too big usually to carry easily
  2.  Take up more storage space

3. Backdrop

Neutral wall in your home



  1. Free
  2. Requires no set up




  1. Not everyone has a neutral wall or area in their home
  2. It can become repetitive and boring

Backdrop and Stand



  1. Can be changed depending on what you’re photographing
  2. Easy to set up and take down



  1. Backdrops will need to be purchased and a stand that fits
  2. Requires space for you to set up and take down
  3. More storage space needed for the stand and the backdrops

4. Lighting

Lamp(s) (with bright daylight bulbs)


  1. Inexpensive
  2. dont require storage



  1. not much adjustability


Studio lighting or ring light


  1. softens and brightens the skin
  2. adjustable



  1. requires storage space


5. Editing

Phone apps


  1. usually free
  2. Require very little learning to use
  3. Can be used anywhere


  1. Limited editing ability
  2. Editing can sometimes be more obvious when using an app

(Example: vsco cam, Meitu pic)

Adobe suite



  1. Unlimited editing ability




  1. Can be expensive
  2. Require a steep learning curve


(Example: light room, photoshop)

Does more expensive = better?

As with all things many assume that spending more money no matter what it is will get them the best results however this isn’t necessarily true when shooting your own cosplay photos.

Personally depending on the kind of look i’m going for i use a combination of cheap vs expensive options listed above.  

Camera – Phone

Tripod – Selfie Stick

Backdrop – Neutral wall

Lighting – Day light bulb on ceiling

Editing – Meitu app to remove Acne 

Camera – DSLR

Tripod – Tripod

Backdrop – White Backdrop

Lighting – Studio Soft Box

Editing – Adobe Lightroom

Certainly likes on social media don’t equate to quality but  my post using cheaper equipment was a bigger hit with my followers. You don’t need to have expensive equipment to shoot your own cosplays from home and you likely have most of the cheaper options already available to you. So no matter what the reason for shooting your own cosplays i hope this helped, and now that you know the required equipment, stay tuned for part 2 where i show you how to set up the shoot!