Cosplay Events

So, I hear you’re interested in running your own cosplay events?

Well, this is the right article for you because we have organized 100 plus cosplay events over 5 years and we’re going to share some of our best tips with you.

Some of the most popular cosplay events are cosplay competitions, workshops, panels or meet-ups.

Some are easier than others to organize but every single one of them is fun to organize, so let us give you some tips on how to run your own.

cosplay events

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Cosplay Meet Ups

Planning Your Cosplay Meet up

Cosplay meetups are one of the easiest things to organize. It can be a general cosplay meet or one based around a specific fandom or theme.

When it comes to looking for a venue to hold your meet up, places like an arcade, park or even at a local convention are fantastic places to have it and I’m sure you creative people can be even more creative than our venue choices in the past.

Promoting Your Cosplay Meet up

Creating an event page on Facebook and sharing into local cosplay groups would be our main method to promote our upcoming cosplay meets but remember to read the group rules first and if you’re unsure ask an admin.

Posting a graphic with the details of your meet on Instagram and Twitter can help get the word out.

You don’t need expensive software such as Photoshop that takes a bit of learning, we often used a website/app called Canva which is free to use and comes with templates to help you make that stellar cosplay meet up graphic.

Cosplay Competitions

A cosplay competition is one of the hardest yet satisfying cosplay events to put together from our experience.

First off you want to decide what categories are you gonna use such as groups, under 16s, beginners, and masters are popular ones we use quite a lot.

Then you want to decide what your rules are gonna be? How many marks will you give for details, accuracy, and performance?

My advice would be to identify what type of event you’re organizing the cosplay competition for and if you’re gonna be organizing a casual, competitive or mixed cosplay competition.

If the competition is more casual we always try to make the competition as fun as possible.

For competitive competitions, we suggest looking at reputable worldwide respected cosplay competitions such as Eurocosplay or World Cosplay Summit as inspiration for your ruleset.

Then you want to decide on some cosplay judges, usually finding 3-4 experienced cosplayers that have more experience using different materials helps with a fully rounded judging panel.

Your next step is deciding on your music options, do you want to give each cosplayers individual songs?

We recommend if it’s your first cosplay competition to start with making a defined playlist and then when you get a few behind your belt aiming for more sophisticated cosplay competitions.

Its time to make a sign-up sheet, a basic sign up sheet needs the following.

  • Name
  • What you would like to be announced as
  • Character
  • Series
  • Is your cosplay bought, made or altered (To decide what category to put them in)
  • Do you need any special equipment? (Such as use of a microphone.)
  • A comments section

The last consideration in pulling off your first cosplay competition is pre-judging.

Do you want to allow made and altered costumes have an allocated time slow to talk to the judges in more detail before the contest?

At more casual events some choose not to organize this but we personally even if there’s only a couple of made costumes always give them the option of pre-judging.

How to run cosplay contests are subjective and everyone runs them differently so use this only as a reference guide and give your own cosplay competition that personal touch.

cosplay competition

Cosplay Workshops

Are you good with EVA foam, fabric or Worbla or have know someone who is?

Workshops are easy to set up but can be costly, so potentially adding a charge for the materials may be a good idea.

Make sure to put in some time to think about safety before you start to organize your cosplay workshop. 

You want to plan space, materials, and the tools you need for the workshop. 

A convention is a great place to pitch a workshop but it can also be a stand-alone event. 

Cosplay Panels

A cosplay panel is a great way to share your tips and tricks to fellow cosplayers.

First of all, you want to decide what is your panel gonna be about such as panels about cosplay armor, props, wigs or tools for example.

Pick a topic you are knowledgeable on and that you can contribute some valuable information about.

Okay now you have a topic, your next step should be to plan out your panel

Creating a PowerPoint presentation or making notes of topics you want to cover can help you prepare a more structured planned out cosplay panel.

Check with the convention or venue you are holding your panel has a projector or screen.

This means you can make your presentation more visual for your audience to follow along with.

Lastly, taking questions at the end is a perfect way to round up a panel and lets your audience ask for additional advice on the subject topic.

cosplay panel

Thank you for reading this cosplay fam! If you liked this Article you may enjoy