Empty Cosplay and Jichiie were fortunate enough to receive press passes to Dublin Comic Con 2018. They attended the press conference on Friday evening with Orange is the New Black star Lori Petty and Riverdale star Lochlyn Munro and then again on Saturday.

The other guests that attended DCC this year were Peter Macon, Dean Cain, Michael Dorn, Nick Frost, David Leach, Jessica Martin, James Peaty, PJ Holden, John Romero, Michael Carroll, and Michael ‘Knightmage’ Wilson.

This year at Dublin Comic Con it was great to see so many cosplayers running panels. They ranged from Making it Fit: Cosplay and Alterations by Without A Stitch to SFX and makeup by Hey Horrible. Lemon Lali Cosplay held two panels on Saturday dealing with confidence in cosplay and cosplaying with a chronic illness. Eims Cosplay also ran a panel on Sunday for beginners looking to start cosplaying by providing them with tips and tricks and ways to improve their cosplays. In the panel they also discussed how to balance cosplay with everyday life! Whether it is setting aside time or deciding what is most important in your cosplays, the quality, the speed you make them or the cost.

SFX artist HeyHorrible presented a panel outlining a brief introduction to SFX and Cosplay Makeup. She covered some of the basics on getting started in makeup, product suggestions for creating your first FX kit and even how to create SFX looks with products from around the house, such as using cling film to simulate a realistic burn injury! There was information on how to use liquid latex and gelatin to create homemade prosthetics. How to use beauty makeup to alter the shape of your face and create big anime style eyes as well as a section on how to implement SFX into Cosplay and bring animated characters into the realm of realism.

Cosplay Village

Nestled at the back of the trade hall was the cosplay village! Talented cosplayers from all around Ireland proudly showed off their best props, costumes, and photos. Nano Cosplay and Jichiie from our cosplay team were two of the many cosplayers showing off their craft on Saturday and Sunday respectively. On Saturday, Nano Cosplay was also joined at the village by Hey Horrible, Robert Leroux, and Felandaris Cosplay. On Sunday, Petite Titan, DeeFeu Cosplay and Kirenshi were displaying their work at the cosplay village.

Nano Cosplay and Jichiie's tables at the Cosplay Village.

Nano Cosplay and Jichiie’s tables at the Cosplay Village.

The 501st and cosplay A&E table were also prominent tables at the cosplay village. The variety of skills and characters showed how diverse the cosplay community in Ireland really is. The cosplay village was organised and run by a very prestigious Irish cosplayer Anathiell. For the entire weekend she ran around the cosplay village and info desk, ensuring the contests and sign-ups went smoothly and that every cosplayer in the village and competition was kept hydrated. The overall review of the village was beyond expectations. Many people walked away having learnt a new trick, from sewing a bodysuit to making a prop less ‘shiny new’ and more ‘used and abused’. It was wonderful to see cosplay as a highlight of the con. It was even better to have the opportunity to talk to cosplayers that were more than happy to introduce you to the hobby. We both admire and applaud Anathiell for putting all of her love into making cosplay at DCC something that everyone could enjoy!

Indie Game Dev Area
Within the Indie game dev area there were numerous different games all with different stages of development from demo to the full gaming experience. While most games on offer were computer games, three developers were displaying card games, something that is returning with great enthusiasm within the gaming community. It seems that screens and controllers are being replaced with a table, some drinks and a handful of cards. It was great to see a lot of variety among the games on offer as well. Decking Awesome games were displaying their game Dice Summoners which sees players use cards to create a team of monsters that allow you to roll different amounts of dice to attack each other. Fickle Games were showing their game Bragging Rights which has players come up with stories of daring crimes.

Radar Games were in attendance offering test plays of their game Chomp. This game was a family friendly creature evolving battle card game. Players each choose a prehistoric creature and combine science cards with DNA of other dinosaurs to make the best possible combination and battle it out until only 1 remains. Attendees could easily spend an entire day within this small area meeting new developers and testing their games, in fact, I talked with some that found themselves constantly returning to try something again or see something new in between the other activities that went on at the convention. All in all, it was great to see that the games development industry in Ireland is definitely alive and well.

Chomp by Radar Games

Chomp by Radar Games

Cosplay Competitions
The standard of cosplay at this years Dublin Comic Con was phenomenal and the diversity of cosplayers that attended really goes to show that cosplay is for everyone. The professional contest on Saturday was no exception, the amount of time and effort that they put into their costumes is a testament to why they are known as professional cosplayers.  The judges were Without a Stitch, Pixie Styxx, Knightmage and Mark Maher.

Our own Eims Cosplay was first on stage as Anastasia and her performance was awe-inspiring, even with some prop glitches on the morning of the convention she did a fantastic performance and was awarded a judges choice award.

The winners of the competition were:

Bambi Lashes Cosplay as the East Witch by Sakizou.

Nik Orlov as Jorah Mormont from Game of Thrones

Mehmeco Design as Seraphim by Sakizou.

The Professional Cosplay Competition Winners and Judges Choices. Picture by JCon

The Professional Cosplay Competition Winners and Judges Choices. Pic by JCon

Sunday was no exception to the amazing cosplays on show. The contest started off with the under 5’s category, followed by the under 16’s, then the adults and groups.

Under 16’s Winners. Pic by Donald Manning.

Under 16’s Winners. Pic by Donald Manning.

The winners of the adult competition were:

Empty Cosplay as a Demon Hunter from Diablo 3

Darkwolf cosplay as Noble Six from Halo

Lee Kelly as Atreus ‘Boy’ from God of War.

Adult Winners. Pic by Donald Manning

Adult Winners. Pic by Donald Manning.

Anathiell and her gang of amazing helpers made sure that the contests ran smoothly and on time. They  done their very best to make sure every cosplayers needs were catered for, whether it was helping them fix their costumes, helping organise their props, giving them plenty of words of encouragement and even making sure that they stayed hydrated while waiting backstage. They really went above and beyond and I for one was very glad to have such an amazing team looking out for me and the other contestants.

Keith Doran, Aneta Majunka (Anathiell), Dominic Timis and Chelsea Barry. Pic by Donald Manning.

Sundays Contest Organisers: Keith Doran, Aneta Majunka (Anathiell),

Dominic Timmis and Chelsea Barry. Pic by Donald Manning.

Overall Dublin Comic-Con to us was a great success, not even the weather could dampen the spirits of those who attended. Come rain or shine people were both inside and outside enjoying the con experience and getting plenty of photos and meeting up with old friends and making plenty of new ones. We most certainly will be attending the next Dublin Comic Con in March 2019.