Calypsen Cosplay

Photographer: Robert Zembrzycki

Calypsen Cosplay Interview

Calypsen Cosplay is a cosplay artist from Poland who has won awards for her Diana from League of Legends and here Lich King from World of Warcraft. This talented cosplayer has traveled over the world and made a name for herself in the cosplay community worldwide. So we decided to ask her a few questions about how her journey has been thus far.

How did you get into cosplay?

Calypsen Cosplay: Over 4 years ago I was playing a lot of League of Legends, I used to watch some League of Legends Championships and then I noticed people dressed as my favorite characters so I decided to make a costume on my own.

What do you love most about cosplaying?

Calypsen Cosplay: I think the best are people who I meet at the convention. Sometimes excited kids, sometimes adults seeing their favorite character. I love seeing happiness on their faces.

You have guested amazing countries such as Russia. What is the Russian Cosplay Community like?

I’ve been in Russia just once but I love Russian cosplayers, they have good attention to details in costumes, they have amazing cosplay photographers and they are so easy-going. I really want to visit Russia again.

What is your favourite Genre to cosplay from?

Science Fiction and Fantasy costumes are my favorites, big armors, sometimes a bit terrifying with massive weapons are something I am the most interested in. But I also like some Comic characters and more…

Have you ever experienced any difficulty while being a cosplay guest in another country with cultural differences?

Calypsen Cosplay: Usually, I don’t have any difficult situations but I think it’s important to learn a bit the culture of the country we are going to. It’s important to avoid some (False Steps) faux-pas.

Being a cosplay guest across Europe is a great experience but do you get to experience some of the cultures while being in the countries you have guessed at?

Calypsen Cosplay: Of course! This is also one of my favorite things, I love traveling, trying traditional food in certain countries and learning how people live in this country. Every little knowledge is important to me.

Have you ever considered visiting Ireland before becoming a guest a Kaizoku Con?

Calypsen Cosplay: Actually yes my favorite beer comes from Ireland (Guinness) so I wanted to try it there. I also planned sightseeing, in new Star Wars there was an island where Luke tried to teach Rey and I found that this island really exists, it’s on South of Ireland.

Making so many cosplays and using so many dangerous tools. Have you ever injured yourself while making a cosplay?

Calypsen Cosplay: I think it happens to every cosplayer. It’s really important to protect your eyes with glasses and to wear gloves while sanding or using a cutter, but a few times I forgot to wear them so this is how I cut my fingers. Also, heat guns can be dangerous so I am just trying to take care.

Is worbla highly effective in making cosplays or is there other materials that you would recommend?

Calypsen Cosplay: I will definitely say that worbla is not the best material. Different parts of the costume need different materials. It all depends on how a person likes to work and how much their budget is. I think EVA foam is the most universal material. But worbla is good for little-detailed parts that should be durable.

Since you became a cosplayer do you feel your life has changed; and if so how?

Calypsen Cosplay: It has changed a lot. First of all, I became more open to people. I feel like I am not as shy as I used to be. I love meeting them and spending time. Cosplay made me more social. Cosplay also made me busier. It’s not like I don’t know how to spend my time. There is always some work to do, there are always some emails to reply, there is always a convention coming and I need to prepare, make panels, new costumes… Thanks to cosplay I made many wonderful friends I visited many places and also over one year ago I met my boyfriend so it’s something really precious. He is a cosplayer as well (NightCold Creations) so we can continue our passion together and learn many new techniques.

Calypsen Cosplay On How To Get Started In Cosplay At Cyprus Comic Con 2017.

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