No Game No Life: Zero Movie Review

We’ve all seen the mind-blowing 10/5 anime that is No Game No Life, we’ve all been screaming, praying, and begging for that so long-awaited season 2 only to get this movie and probably another 4 long years of arbitrary waiting time before another NGNL works comes out. But nevertheless, No Game No Life Zero is one movie definitely to battle your way to win a ticket to see on the big screen!


The story of this movie is set 6,000 years far before we see the infamous duo ‘Blank’ (Sora and Shiro) getting transported from modern-day Japan and into the fantasy-like world of games, Disboard. The world back then was far less colorful and full of life, on the contrary, it was crippled with unrelenting war and it couldn’t be any more terrible and in the midst of this, our main character Riku meets an exiled “Ex-Machina” android he calls ‘Schwi’ and together they lean on each other and lead humanity to the peaceful future they deeply desire.


The story was simple yet so amazing, Disboard’s God of Games, Tet, as well as the other major races have been known to exist for quite some time but I have never imagined there to be such an old and significant story such as this prior to Sora and Shiro’s arrival and leading Imanity into dominance and prosperity.

The world has not always been governed by Tet’s benevolent and peculiar rule neither has it been so rich and lively and we get to see a chain of events leading up to Disboard came to be.

Conflicts back then could not be as easily resolved through games as they would be now and throwing powerful races such as the Ex-machinas, Elves, Flügels, Werebeasts, and such like into this violent mix makes any notions or concept of peace feel like pipe dreams but Riku and Schwi and as well as the rest of humanity band together through the terrible strife and their journey could not get any more epic.


Riku, Schwi, and Couronne Dola are the biggest characters in this movie’s story and oh boy do they shine so well despite having Sora, Shiro, and Stephanie in the comparison.

The former are each their own characters despite being a spitting image of the latter and best of all is Couronne who is such a dependable and loving older-sister character type, she has tried her best time and time again to support both Riku and Schwi as well as the rest of the survivors of humanity and has proven to be level headed and dependable despite being the direct ancestor or a certain hopeless yet lovable someone.

But the characters of Riku and Schwi and the special bond they share is nothing to have sneezed at either, Riku is a young survivor and leader of humanity who loves to play games and is heavily crippled by a great burden, unable to find any plausible solution towards the dread his world and his people face he meets the mysterious Ex-machina who wishes to learn what is it like to have a heart and it is within each other that the pair finds the answers they seek and fight for tomorrow.

Watching these three has been an absolute treat and you also get to see a bit of the other races. Fans of the anime series will not feel left out as familiar faces do make an appearance in this movie as well.


Very little needs to be said as this movie carries on the visual quality that the anime series has given us if not at all been ever so slightly improved since 2014 every moment of every scene catches your eyes and it sets a towering standard for animation today.


The sounds are decent and the main theme for this movie ‘THERE IS A REASON’ by Konomi Suzuki is a beautiful song but special or that stands out especially when compared to the original theme used in the anime series.

Personally, it would have been perfect to have that timeless theme of the anime series ‘This game’ used in the ending credits but please don’t take my word solely on this one as I may have just been too busy crying to appreciate the fullest extent of the musical masterpiece.


It’s got thrills, it’s got action, it’s got the perfect balance of drama and character development, fantastic ensemble of characters even when being compared to the original cast, it’s got an amazingly good executed story, it’s got eye-catching visuals from start to finish, it’s got humor, and it damn well has all of my money for cinema! You cannot ask to pay for any better anime movie that isn’t Studio Ghibli or a Makoto Shinkai work than this!


Little else needs to be said, this wasn’t our long prayed for season 2 but once you see this film you are going to want a box of tissues and a whole series of this movie’s own.
Story – 5/5
Characters – 4.5/5
Visuals – 5/5
Audio – 4/5
Overall – 5/5
Watch – ✓
Drop – ✕
3 episodes – ✕