Poputepipikku (Pop Team Epic) Anime Review

You ever had to review an anime so incredibly unlike anything ever before that you have to pray to several gods to bless you with some divine inspiration for words or just straight up not liked an anime that is pretty much meta and does not like you either? Brace yourself for the insane franchise that literally calls itself shit (“kuso-anime”) that is Pop Team Epic.
Pop Team Epic


The story centers around your normal everyday lazy teenager Daichi who wakes up one day ever as un-enthusiastic about the boring high school life until his childhood friend slash pop idol star Sosogu comes in bringing a storm by claiming that she is his fiancé and— Ok, sorry to break it to you but we lied.
Pop Team Epic (or ‘Poputepipikku’) is an anime adaptation of a 4-koma (yon-koma/ four-cell) chibi-styled manga of the same name that centers around the two characters Popuko and Pipimi. 4-koma manga generally entails that in a single page there will be 2 groups of 4 panel boxes vertically lined up and it covers witty skits and wisecracks which is pretty much all that this series is… and nothing else.


Mankind has a far much better chance of being instantly invaded and conquered by a space alien called Frieza than Pop Team Epic ever has of having a narrative story or plot line but nonetheless this anime delivers a series of random events, skits, short stories, ungodly hijinks, and loads of pop culture references. They even created a fake romcom anime story with basic premise settings in order to troll viewers into thinking they were watching/reading something else until the real story pops up right out of nowhere.


What can we say; the show is all about Popuko and Pipimi and whatever minor background characters Pop Team Epic needs to make up in order to execute their gags. Popuko is the little round and blonde haired girl with the pigtails and an explosive temper that people can never get enough of and Pipimi is the slightly taller girl with dark and longer straight hair and more of a chilled demeanour. The relationship between the two characters is literally [insert relationship here] and these two little partners in crime are constantly up to antics that are guaranteed to not bore you.


The visuals are just about as inconsistent as the story’s “plotline” as you can observe some real life 3D elements mixed in as you would occasionally see throughout the actual anime and in one instance in the opening credits, you have your main style of animation which is a basic chibi cartoonish style, bits of high quality and sharp anime style, extremely abysmal Microsoft paint style of animation, 2D+3D animation, and such. The only real consistency is that there is a lot of work and quality for something that is made to look like crap so, in a way, there’s a little bit of something for everyone.


Surprisingly, the opening is the bomb! The OP is aptly named ‘POP TEAM EPIC’ and it is performed by the talented voice actress Sumire Uesaka who delivers such a beautiful and dream-like trance tune that lulls you down but oddly gets you in the mood to light up the night, really not at all the type of song you’d expect in an anime like this and the ED is ‘POPPY PAPPY DAY’ performed by the voice actors of Popuko and Pipimi themselves. In contrast to the OP song, the ED’s got more of a relaxing poppy J-pop feel that fits perfectly in any ending credits, it closes the anime nicely and it’s great for radio.


It’s just random, it’s definitely crazy, it’s debatably funny, it’s undeniably wild, you’ll either just love it or not and there’s no in between with this anime and its series of witty gags and not-at-all-subtle yet sneaky references.


Not much is there that can be said but this is definitely one of those animes that you just got to watch with all of your friends gathered around the couch with snacks and drinks, a guaranteed party kicker.
Story – ?/5
Characters – 2/5
Visuals – 3/5
Audio – 4/5
Overall – 3.5/5
Watch – ✓
Drop – ✕
3 episodes – ✕