The Types Of Worbla 

So if you’ve been in the cosplay community for any length of time chances are you heard of Worbla. 

For those of you a little out of the loop let me give you a quick rundown.

Worbla is a thermoplastic material that in most of its forms looks like a thick piece of cardstock.

When heated it can be used to form around other materials or be completely shaped on its own.

In the last 5 years, Worbla has taken the cosplay world by storm and has become the go-to material for many top and beginner cosplayers alike.

So let’s look at the different types of Worbla and how we can use them.

Worbla Finest Art

Worbla Finest Art

So let’s start with the original Worbla that was introduced to the market, Worbla Finest Art.

This was the first of the Thermoplastic line and quickly became a fan favorite. If you’re starting off in Worbla this should be your go-to choice.

It is nontoxic and can be shaped by hand(as long as you don’t overheat it).

It is easier to use than some of the later versions and will give your project that little extra strength/ detail you might be looking for.

Worbla’s Finest Art can be built up in layers, shaped over forms of foam, foil, wire or similar armatures, and can be used as a single layer.

The most common use for this Worbla is using it along with eva or craft foam.

Once you have your foam pieces cut to the shape you like you can heat two pieces of Worbla and sandwich them on top and bottom of the foam pieces.

Once cooled the thermoplastic holds itself and the foam inside in shape and makes your pieces near indestructible.

Worbla Flame Art

Worbla Flame Artt

Next, to the line up let’s talk about Worbla Flame Red Art. Flame Red Art is very similar to Finest Art, in fact, they’re almost identical when you’re talking about uses and end result quality. However, Flame Red Art has one trick up its sleeve, its flame retardant.

Now let me clarify this Worbla is Flame Retardant not flameproof.

So while you can’t go shoving it beside a naked flame,

its perfect for use in theatre projects and schools as flame retardants is high on the health and safety wish list. 

Worbla Black Art

Worbla Black Art

Keeping with Worblas hopes of improving its product aimed towards artists and creators, they revealed Worbla Black Art.

Once again there doesn’t seem to be much difference between this and our previous two other than color but Black Art takes detailing to a whole new level. So, of course, people have been able to create some amazing things with the Finest Art but Black Art is able to go the bit farther.

It can be molded in smaller more delicate shapes without snapping or becoming brittle.

This and the fact that it can still do the job of Worblas Finest Art has made it popular with cosplay armour builders and sculptures alike. 

Worbla Mesh Art

Worbla Mesh Art

Are you building a big project and the strength of regular Worbla just not cutting it? Then it might be worth looking into Worbla Mesh Art!

Again similar to Finest Art but once again having one major difference. Mesh Art has one side meshed which creates a tougher and exponentially stronger than its predecessors.

It isn’t easy to shape into small crevasse so be sure to keep that in mind when buying it for a project! 

Worbla Transparent

Worbla Transparent

Worbla Transparent is probably the most stand out of the newer versions of Worbla. It sacrifices its sticky one side surface(it will still stick to itself and other Worbla just not as well) for a completely transparent material.It would be perfect for anyone creating fake flames as it can be dyed or painted to almost any color. 

Worbla Pearly Art

Worbla Pearly Art

And finally let’s talk about one of the newest additions to the Worbla family, Worbla Pearly Art.

If Black Art was the smoother version of  Finest Art then think of this as Black Arts even smoother rival.

Keep in mind Pearly Art isn’t as strong as its predecessors and doesn’t handle too much stretch well so it wouldn’t suit an armor base for example.

This Worbla has one goal, to provide smooth and exact detailing for your projects.

It can go even smaller and even more exact than Black Art. So its detail you want, this should be your go-to thermoplastic! 

And so that’s the end of my Worbla help list! I hope it was of some use to you on your cosplay journey. Thanks for reading and visit again for more things cosplay! 

Youtube Reference

Below is an informative Youtube we found that can give you more information on the Thermoplastic.