Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege newest expansion has been revealed in the form of ‘Operation Chimera’. Introducing a new mode, characters and much-needed fixes to the formula.


‘Outbreak’ Introduces a new co-operative 3 player campaign across three newly designed maps –  Junkyard, Hospital, and Resort.

Players are tasked with  hostage rescue situations though must be careful in fighting the deadly infected. Which come in 5 varieties – Grunts, Smashers, Breachers, Apex, and Rooters.

Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege

Grunts in the campaign event: Outbreak (Ubisoft, 2018)

Lion & Finka

Along with the inclusion of Outbreak, Operation Chimera introduces two new Operators: Lion and Finka. These new characters look to change the meta with their unique gadgets.

Lion can deploy a flying drone that can find the enemy team within a few seconds if they are caught moving.

Finka can lower the recoil across her team mates weapons and is also capable of reviving all team members at once.

CBRN members Finka and Lion (Ubisoft 2018)


Existing operators will be undergoing major patchwork including buffs and nerfs to help balance the game in wait of ‘Operation Chimera’ along with a host of limited cosmetic items, exclusive to the Outbreak event running from March 3rd to April 6th.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera launches officially on March 3rd.


Written by Stephen Kane O’Reilly

Sites Sourced: Ubisoft