Carmello is an upcoming Belfast Cosplayer

Carmello Cosplay is a veteran in the cosplay community and has been cosplaying for over 10 years. She has become very well known in the last year. She is a model as well as a cosplayer that works with many photographers. She makes props and headresses for shoots. Her signature cosplays are Chun Li from Street fighter and Tracer cosplayer from Overwatch. Carmello has guested/ at events around Ireland and the UK.



So tell us a bit about yourself Carmen?

My name is Carmen, I am 26 years old and I am a cosplayer/artist. I am Chinese but I was born in Northern Ireland in the U.K. I work as a waitress as my full time job but I do a bit of modelling on the side. Music and art has always been a huge part of my life, my mother was the artist and my dad was the musician. I got a bit of both from them. However, I’ve been veering more towards the art more than the music side. Recently I’ve been playing around with makeup and wigs, which is VERY helpful towards the cosplay side of things. (Carmello Cosplay is known for being a Chun Li and Tracer cosplayer from video games Street Fighter and Overwatch.)

So what exactly got you in to the cosplay as a hobby?

People usually watched Disney shows as a child but I grew up watching anime and reading manga, so naturally cosplaying came after. However, cosplaying, anime and manga wasn’t that popular in Northern Ireland back then and even though there were conventions, the cons were very small, so I started cosplaying quite late due to the fact that it wasn’t ‘big’. It’s been exactly 10 years since my VERY first convention and anime and cosplaying has grown MASSIVELY. Now that it’s more popular, I have started to take cosplaying seriously and became a professional in 2017.

So what drew you to have such a close connection toward the characters Chun Li and Tracer.

When I first met Chun-Li in the game, I was blown away at how strong she was. Back in the day…strong woman wasn’t considered ”attractive’ so she stood out to me. She could kick ass and stand up for herself. It was something I lacked when I was younger and I used her as a role model and still do today! When I was old enough…I grabbed the chance to cosplay as her and even did some professional photoshoots. It was my first photoshoot and It was a big hit within the cosplay community. Now Tracer, was a funny story. I actually HATED her when I first played OverWatch and I didn’t even get OverWatch until 4 months its release date… She was this annoying fly, buzzing around you and I couldnt bloody kill her in the game! It was when I read her comic and watched all her cinematic, that I started to get attached to her. It showed a lot of her background, how she got her abilities and really some of it was sad…However she didn’t let that get to her and used those abilities to help people. THAT was when I started to get attached. She turned a bad situation into a positive one. It’s something everyone can learn from. Tracer is overly positive, very happy-go-lucky and I love that about her. My personality matches hers perfectly, so when I decided that I’ll make her cosplay..It came out surprisingly well ….people started calling me the -Real Life Tracer

(Carmen is most known for being a Tracer Cosplayer ; Picture below)
Carmello cosplay, tracer cosplayer photoshoot

You must have been surprised by addition in the ready player one trailer, how did it make you feel?

I was absolutely gobsmacked!!! Out of all the game characters in the world, they put Chun-Li and Tracer in the same movie and SIDE BY SIDE too! I screamed when I first watched it!!! My 2 signatures side by side…..still cant get over it tbh….

Bottom Carmello Cosplay and Top Ready Player One Trailer

What is the most difficult thing for you when it comes to cosplay.

STOPPING EVERYTHING FROM FALLING APART. When travelling with cosplay, you have to pack them in your luggage….SOMETHING WILL always break or fall apart and even when I bring my glue gun, it’s not the same when your not in your ‘workshop”! Hotel rooms are not great places to repair stuff haha.

If you had advice for yourself when you started cosplay. What would it be?

hmmm thats’ a hard one….. It would be along the lines of ‘LEARN HOW TO USE WORBLA.’ I didn’t start using my first bit of worlba until earlier this year! Perhaps it’s more of a ‘regret’ than advice but I feel I was too afraid of using it because it was so expensive, but being late into using it……I could’ve been a pro at it by now! lmao

So what advice would you give to new cosplayers?

Cosplay who ever you want! You don’t have to have the right skin tone, race, body size, height etc. to be a character! All you need is the love for the character. Nowadays cosplay bullying is a HUGE problem on the internet. It’s very sad to see people shame someone based on their looks. We don’t need that here within the cosplay community. I cannot stress how much it annoys me when people target a cosplayer simply because he/she isn’t ”accurate enough’ or is ”ruining’ the character… The fundamentals of cosplay is TOO HAVE FUN. That has ALWAYS been a basses.and many people forget that. I mean were ALL judgemental to some degree and It’s okay to have your own opinions HOWEVER, it’s not that hard to keep your opinions to yourself either! Respect those around you. Remember people start at different times and may lead different busy lives than you. Cosplaying is expensive, so don’t feel that you need to follow ‘trends’. Do things at your own pace. Have fun making it, being that character and socialising at cons in your costume. And one day when you make it big…remember to be those around you and give wisdom to those who ask for advice.

Carmello Cosplay will be guesting  and judging at Mini Con in Belfast at Queens University on Feb 17th 2018.


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