GODZILLA -Kaijuu Wakusei-

With several installments of Godzilla movies already released as well as Hideaki Anno’s Shin Godzilla being a recent smash hit, the question at the back of everyone’s minds is what does this movie have to offer and how is it going to compete. GODZILLA -Kaijuu Wakusei- (or GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters) is but one of a 3-part 3D-CG anime film series that is produced by TOHO animation and animated by Polygon pictures, a partnership that is highly notable for the Ajin series, and I feel that this new anime film series holds a lot of potential to succeed and stand out even among its other competitors.


The basic premise of the entire movie is that mankind realizes that they are not the ones who rule the earth and, even with the help of two separate alien races, are forced to leave their home planet in defeat, disgrace, and despair. After 20 grueling years in space is spent trying to survive given the population and limited supplies all whilst struggling to find a new planet to inhibit, a young person named Haruo decides to lead a small force to try and take back the earth from Godzilla only to find that the planet that he once knew is no longer the same.


The story that Kaijuu Wakusei tells is pretty interesting, it may seem like a simple Godzilla invades, disaster and terror ensues, humans band together in desperation and concoct a risky plan to take down the monster and the life-or-death gamble pays off, but this is so much more than that. The terror that Godzilla brought is not centrally emphasized on the destruction that’s brought in it’s wake but rather the aftermath of the monster’s rampage, mankind had no other choice but to abandon their home world even after receiving the aid of two different outside races which left them crippled in an utter state of loss and hopelessness with no other possible way out that doesn’t involve death.
I enjoyed seeing the depths that the impact of such an inhuman disaster can bring on to people, and even more so when man struggles to adapt against the relentlessness of evolution itself, when it was only 20 years for the humans about 20,000 years have passed for the earth, the whole planet, the environment, and its inhabitants have become completely unlike what anyone would have expected. On top of the inner struggles of the survivors’ crippled humanity, this movie shows that there is so much more to deal with than just a towering monster with an exploitable weak point.


There’s a variety of characters throughout the whole film which prevents the whole ensemble from being just a bland cast of Humans A-Z vs Monster #1. You get the main lead, Haruo, who is filled to the brim with determination to exterminate Godzilla and reclaim both his human pride and home world, the people in the higher echelons who govern the entire populace of survivors, the leader of the religious cult who sees Godzilla as divine wrath taken form, the person who sees the world and everything else around him through scientific understanding, the coward, the people who have lost all will to continue living in the hellish confines of space, and more. You may not get the most quirkiest of characters or a whole squad of team bad-ass but it’s a well fleshed out group to watch.


The decision to go with a 3-D CG approach was nothing short of splendid. It gave the movie the ability to make scenes, actions, and the overall environments very realistic all while giving the audience that sort of anime feel for the movie. This is what makes it stand out from all the other live action movies thus far since the movie is displayed in artistic animation but is brought to life in such a way that a full-on 2-D animation wouldn’t be able to accomplish.


The sound is not bad either. Voice acting and the original sound track are plausible and the song that plays in the ending credits WHITE OUT by XAI will leave you in a state of relax and satisfaction. There is one thing that I would like to point out about this aspect about the film is while the special sound effects are decent I especially loved Godzilla’s roar in particular, the iconic sound is nothing no one hasn’t heard by now but the level of quality and delivery has left me at the edge of my seat especially at the climax scene towards the end of the movie. That scene alone has left me with a feeling of “10/10 would totally see it again and *pay* for it in cinemas!”.


The movie may seem underwhelming at first but it does a terrific job of distinguishing itself amongst other Godzilla film predecessors and opening up for what’s to be a fantastic 2 Godzilla anime movies. There’s been far too much focus on the human’s crippling struggles to survive and later on take back their planet and far too little focus on what everyone came to see, Godzilla itself, but Godzilla’s rude awakening towards the end of the movie slightly almost more than makes up for it.
The earth after 20,000 years later makes the entire stage into a whole new playing field compared to the current earth we know and are familiar with or even the typical post-apocalyptic ruined version of it and we see that the planet is swarming with creatures that share a similar genetic code as Godzilla and we see how mankind’s space technology and weaponry pairs up against all of this. It was also a shame that we never got to see Mecha-Godzilla in action although it has made an appearance but even so I had a fair share of fun with this movie and I cannot wait for the sequels


The Godzilla franchise is at an all time high with Legendary Pictures, Hideaki Anno, and even TOHO animation putting in so much work into creating works that center around the King of Monsters.
And who knows, with all this maybe the dream crossover between Godzilla and Neon Genesis Evangelion may just not be mere pipe dreams in the future. But even so, there are definite sequels to look forward to such as the anime movie sequel to this movie which is said to release in May 2018!
GODZILLA -Kaijuu Wakusei- is definitely an installment in the Godzilla franchise that can hold it’s head up high with an ending that’s left open for sequels to come and a merciless triumph by Godzilla, the second movie, GODZILLA -Kessen Kidou Zoushoku Toshi- is sure to pick up the slack from Kaijuu Wakusei and deliver the thrilling blockbuster that everyone deserves and expects.
Story – 3/5
Characters – 3/5
Visuals – 4/5
Audio – 3/5
Overall – 3.25/5
Watch – ✓
Drop – ✕

3 episodes – ✕

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Written by
Vampy Cavalier