Inuyashiki Anime Review.

So Inuyashiki.. Tired of slice of life shows that ultimately go nowhere? Tired of the time and tried overdone ‘isekai’ genre where your ordinary Japanese folk gets shipped off to a fantasy world like a FedEx package with a side of OP? Are you tired of Super Robot Action Alien Technology Fighting Grandpas of Justice? NO! No you are not! And that is where this show comes in.

Not to be confused with a classic hit with a similar name, Inuyashiki is a smash hit that revolves around a 58 year old Ichirou Inuyashiki who is often scorned, looked down upon, and generally disrespected by strangers and family members alike despite his utmost goodness, and is left with very little time left to live. One night, things take a turn for the strangest and a sudden tragic accident befell upon Ichirou which should have killed him but has left him unscathed – and better. Now armed with new found health, superhuman capabilities, and way of life; Ichirou decides to use his gifts to help others from suffering grave misfortunes but, unfortunately, he is not alone.
Brought to you by the people who gave you GANTZ, Inuyashiki is a fantastic 11 episode long show that opens with a very powerful opening song called ‘My hero’ by MAN WITH A MISSION that will fuel the fires of your soul accompanied by astonishing animation that will leave you strangely enthralled, stunned, and wanting for more from start to finish as is the same with the ED, ’Ai wo Oshiete Kureta Kimi e’ by Qaijff, which calms you after all of the excitement.
The anime delivers a tremendous balance of thrills, excitement, action, and drama as it shines through it’s characters as we get to see story unveil through the choices they make given their sets of unique traits and personalities as well as the circumstances of the world around them and their chance encounters.

The animation for this show is nothing short of impressive either as it is brought to you by MAPPA studio which gave you shows like ‘Zankyou no Terror’, ‘Yuri!!! on Ice’, ‘Kakegurui’, and ‘Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis’ which are all well acclaimed for their superb animations.

Story – 4/5
Characters – 4/5 
Visuals – 5/5 
Audio – 4.5/5 
Overall – 5/5
Watch – ✓ 
Drop – ✕ 
3 episodes – ✕

You can watch this Anime at Cruncyroll and other reputable legal streaming sites.
Review Written by
Vampy Cavalier