We attended Games Expo Ireland a gaming convention which was held in Dublin at the RDS in November. Games Expo Ireland is ran by the organisers of Dublin Comic Con and Asone Productions known for gaming events such as Celtic Throwdown.

When we entered the event, we got our tickets and entered with no issues, we noticed at the back of the venue there was a cosplay changing room which was a nice touch as it normally can be struggle with the tight fit in bathrooms at conventions.


AllCast Irish Gamers
The Allcast Irish Gamers are a gaming trio known for their gaming Youtube Channel and Live Streams. We have had the pleasure to meet them a few times over the last few months at recent conventions. They blew the house down every time with their top notch hosting skills. They bring a great atmosphere anywhere they go, always chatting to attendees and cosplayers They were doing speed runs on the Big Betty stage and from anyone we talked to who attended the event, it was a blast. We know we will hear more from these guys as more events wont to bring them in


You can watch their Games Expo Ireland Video below

Minevention Stage
The Minevention stage was ran by the organisers of Minevention, a Minecraft convention held in Ireland and the UK.  Games Expo Ireland had many kids and younger teenagers, so this stage was the go to spot for them to get their Minecraft fix.


Mini Arcade Rentals
Mini Arcade Rentals is a business that builds arcade machines and sell them. They were displaying around 20 of their machines. You could play games from most of the retro consoles and best of all it was free to play. This area was quite busy for most of the event.
11You can find them on their website at

Overall the event was quiet at times but that is only normal for a first year convention, the set up was really professional, we hope the event comes back bigger and better next year!

Check out our Games Expo Ireland Video

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