An Irish start up company is in the process of releasing a centralized gaming platforming, E-sports, streaming and gaming being a booming industry, there seems to be a lot of potential for something like this.

GeX (Esports TV Limited) a centralized gaming platform which brings Web TV, Social Media, Third-party services and a diverse marketplace announced today of their platform road map and kickstarter.

“I am delighted to announce the launch of our kickstarter, we are currently finishing off our designs for the platform and to announce what users can expect on the platform” Said Theo Goyvaerts, CEO of GeX. “We are currently on track with our milestones and we are looking forward to starting development on the platform after Christmas”
The platform is designed to bring a number of services together for gamers in a unique way to create a centralized gaming portal for gamers. Some of the features of the platform would be as follow:
  • Up to 100 esport and gaming channels
  • Track and save details of gaming accounts across the web.
  • Order Take away, Buy event tickets and get coaching lessons.
  • Large diverse marketplace where users can buy and sell gaming related products.
By creating a centralized gaming portal, it will be easier to keep track of gaming accounts that gamers might have purchase games on or look for other players to give them coaching lessons on how to be a better streamer/gamer. The company is looking to raise €40,000 for the development of the platform which is looking to launch in July 2018, with development starting in January of the same year.

The company has recently entered in New Frontiers in October 2017 and Theo Goyvaerts was an IBYE Carlow Finalist (Young Entrepreneur awards). GeX (Esports TV Limited) also license content created by GeX Studios in Carlow and look to expand their content production on both video and written articles.

You can check out the Kickstarter at the following link