Juuni Taisen | 12 Zodiac War Anime Review

What do you get when you get 12 episodes of an anime that pitches 12 mercenaries that represents each of the 12 Zodiac animals in a brutal free-for-all killing game where only one or none may survive. You get Juuni Taisen, so lets continue on with the 12 Zodiac War Anime Review.

12 Zodiac War Anime Review


12 Zodiac War Plot

The premise of the anime is absolutely simple and straightforward. Every 12 years, a battle called ‘The Zodiac War’ is held where 12 fighters from all around the globe are selected and gathered to participate. These fighters each come bearing their own unique personal set of skills, powers, and arsenal and each represent an animal from the 12 Chinese Zodiac such as the snake, boar, ox, rat etc. All 12 participants were made to swallow a gem that turns out to be poison that is designed to kill any who swallows these gems within 12 hours which is the time limit the participants were allocated with to successfully kill each other. An entire city is rendered empty to serve as the 12 participants’ battleground and the winner of the Zodiac War who is successful in collecting the other 11 gems that requires killing off the other participants is granted the privilege to have any one wish granted as their reward by the mysterious referee Duedeculpe.
There is very little to no room for complications here in Juuni Taisen except for on the battlefield. Character development is left at a bare minimum, giving the audience only just enough to have a feel of each of the fighters, what their raison d’etre is, how do they think and fight, their personal background, what are they like outside of the Zodiac War, or why they were even participating to begin with as there are no central characters, no protagonists, no antagonists, no anti-heroes or side/supporting characters, each of the 12 warriors all get their chance to shine in this entire anime that is nothing more than a killing game that was created for amusement and nothing less than just that.
Majority of Juuni Taisen’s faults lie with its levels of predictability, untapped potential, and length. Even a story that is meant to be like a popcorn-movie such as this could have offered so much more even just with what it already had especially without the time limit and the creators barely made it by while equally balancing the backstories with the main story without disrupting the natural flow.
But regardless this is still a fantastic show that delivers on what it promises with interesting and unique characters, arrays of weaponry and powers, usages of strategy, tactics, psychology and wit, possibilities of alliances and betrayals, and guaranteed intense fighting and gore. All of which are started off with the opening credits that will render you grooving and excited for what’s to come. The opening song is called ‘Rapture’ by Panorama Panama Town and it never fails to ease you in to the next episode with the vibe of it’s smooth, powerful, and sexy tune
Killing to realize their wish, killing to survive, and killing just to kill! Put on Juuni Taisen, place your bets, and follow these 12 warriors: the violent Boar, the ferocious Dog, the cunning Chicken, the pacifistic Monkey, the ironclad Horse, the veteran Sheep, the twin Snake & Dragon, the raging Tiger, the psychotic Rabbit, the unrivaled Ox, and the silent Rat in this wonderful, enthralling, and bloody exciting cutthroat battle that is The Zodiac War!

Story – 3/5
Characters – 4/5
Visuals – 5/5
Audio – 4.5/5
Overall – 5/5

Watch – ✓
Drop – ✕
3 episodes – ✕

Written by
Vampy Cavalier