Our Team


Kannascope is a Filipino/English cosplayer who has been doing this for a long time. (It’s rude to ask a lady her age.) An advocate of cosplay as a way of honouring creators and having fun, Kannascope brings a decidedly global sense of humour and smarts to her work. Not just content to look pretty doing cosplay, she helps spread her love of the craft by dabbling in podcasting, videos, writing, hosting, event coordination and panels. Kannascope currently works with a number of organisations including the Guild of Nerds and other fandom related groups.

Carmello Cosplay

Tracer Cosplayer

Carmello Cosplay is a veteran in the Northern Irish cosplay community and has been cosplaying for over 10 years. She has become very well known in the last few years. She is a prominent model as well as a cosplayer that works with many photographers. She makes props and headdresses for photoshoots. Her signature cosplays are Chun Li from Streetfighter and Tracer from Overwatch. Carmello has guested/ at events around Ireland and the UK.



Perfectmusix aka Neda is a young and talented cosplayer from Dublin. Her style ranges from video game characters and anime to occasionally tv show characters. In the last year she has made amazing gaming costumes from League of Legends to Overwatch and has won a cosplay contest for her performance and hard work on her Ragdoll Poppy cosplay from League of Legends. She had her cosplay featured in The Independent newspaper. With her constant work on new costumes and appearance in a large number of conventions each year, she’s definitely one to look out for.


Jichiie is a young cosplayer and gamer based in Dublin who appears at many conventions throughout the country during the year. From games to anime she cosplays a variety of different characters, putting her own charm into each outfit, and is most recognised for her cosplays of Ahri from League of Legends, and Nozomi Tojo from Love Live.


Psycosplay has attended many conventions and events across both Ireland and the UK. With an array of different costumes varying from stilted, fabric and armoured, he has won many prizes including best prop, best group and best overall.

His costumes range from Movies like Resident Evil and Nightmare Before Christmas to Video games including Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed where he recently worked with Ubisoft to promote their newest game in the franchise.A big fan of attention to detail, he urges cosplayers to push themselves to the limit and always strive to learn something new with each project.

Nanoloxel Crafts and Cosplay


The talented cosplay duo Nanoloxel Crafts and Cosplay aka Serena and Leanna are from Dublin, Ireland. Their cosplay skills involve mostly foam work with worbla and electronics dabbled in between. In the past year their cosplays together have ranged from Overwatch, to Pokemon, to League of Legends. 

TwinTail Cosplay


TwinTail Cosplay aka Sara is a cosplayer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. She has been cosplaying since 2014 and loves making costumes for games, anime and cartoons. Over the last few years she has made many cosplays, mostly League of Legends, Vocaloid or anime related.