Cosplay Competitions

Cosplay Competitions

Guild of Nerds are known to organize cosplay competitions at Irish and UK conventions, We run both casual, professional or mixed competitions depending on the type of event. We have ran over 50 plus cosplay competitions as of 2018 and still counting. A cosplay competition can often be the most popular event at a convention, often filling most of the seats and gains a lot of attention from press.

Cosplay is for everyone and is open to anyone to enter from the smallest to biggest cosplay. The youngest to the oldest entry and we encourage everyone to enter.

 Cosplayers will sign up at the cosplay area where they will give the following

Music Choice
Special Requirements

Our main categories are as follows.

Beginners Award
This is for people who have bought their costume, altered or if its under 25%. cosplayers will be judged on their Performance and Accuracy, but will also earn points for alterations, parts of the costume that are made and use of make up or SFX.

Judges Choice
Judges choice is an award given out by the judges to a cosplayer that impressed all the judges the most but did not win any of the other categories.

Professional Award
This is awards goes to a cosplayer that has made 60% or more of their costume to enter this category. They will be judged on Details/Construction, Performance and Accuracy. This is considered 1st place and our top award.

Special Mentions
This is a small award given to some cosplayers for participating in the competition for various reasons such as it being a first cosplay competition, first cosplay and effort gone in to the cosplay or performance.

Pre Juding
We usually run a process called pre judging, where our judges can look at the costume in greater detail and ask questions to get a better look of what went in to the costume.

Cosmic Rebels Con

(Credits to Judges Warpanda Cosplay, Kavanagh Cosplay and Team Emerald Cosplay at Cosmic Rebels Con)

Here is an example of a cosplay competition at Cosmic Rebels Con hosted by Rambling Rob.