Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera looks to shake up the formula

Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege newest expansion has been revealed in the form of ‘Operation Chimera’. Introducing a new mode, characters and much-needed fixes to the formula. Outbreak ‘Outbreak’ Introduces a new co-operative 3 player campaign across three newly designed maps –  Junkyard, Hospital, and Resort. Players are tasked with  hostage rescue situations though must […]

Irish Start up launches Kickstarter for centralized gaming platform

An Irish start up company is in the process of releasing a centralized gaming platforming, E-sports, streaming and gaming being a booming industry, there seems to be a lot of potential for something like this. GeX (Esports TV Limited) a centralized gaming platform which brings Web TV, Social Media, Third-party services and a diverse marketplace announced today […]