Dublin Comic Con 2018.

  Empty Cosplay and Jichiie were fortunate enough to receive press passes to Dublin Comic Con 2018. They attended the press conference on Friday evening with Orange is the New Black star Lori Petty and Riverdale star Lochlyn Munro and then again on Saturday. The other guests that attended DCC this year were Peter Macon, […]

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Mini-Con Belfast

UUSU Cosplay Society Hosts

Mini-Con Belfast

The convention, known as Mini-Con, aims to celebrate TV, video game, comic and anime culture in Belfast. It is being brought together by groups of young people from all across Northern Ireland and is sure to bring appearances from characters such as Harley Quinn, Batman, Deadpool, Disney princesses and many others.

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Convention Bag

Convention Prep – The Con Bag

Convention Prep – The Bag

Conventions can be long, stressful experiences – especially if you’re in cosplay. Things can and will go wrong. Luckily there are loads of ways to reduce the stress of going to a convention by preparing your handy con bag. It’s a given that if you’re going to dress up, you’re bringing your costume and your regular clothes – but what else should you be carrying?

The author’s con bag and cosplay bag.

A good con bag should be able to fit into a backpack or any type of mid-size bag that you or a willing mate can carry around the event. The items listed here are based on what I carry in my personal con bag and is a general guideline of what has worked for me and people I know.
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Games Expo Ireland

We attended Games Expo Ireland a gaming convention which was held in Dublin at the RDS in November. Games Expo Ireland is ran by the organisers of Dublin Comic Con and Asone Productions known for gaming events such as Celtic Throwdown. When we entered the event, we got our tickets and entered with no issues, we noticed at the back […]