10 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Beginners

10 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Beginners When you first begin your journey into the world of Cosplay it can be pretty daunting. Especially when you see how much time, effort and expensive the costumes can be. I remember my first convention and freaking out that I wouldn’t have anything to Cosplay in, luckily for me […]

5 Essentials For Shooting Your Own Cosplay Photos

There are many reasons why you might want to shoot your own cosplay photos. Photographers can be expensive and although they are worth what they charge not everyone has that kind of money (especially when you’ve spent it all on your cosplay) you might have anxiety and struggle to request friends for help as it […]

My First Cosplay: Ezio, Assassins Creed – Onyx Assassin

  I wasn’t always interested in cosplay, comics, anime or any kind of geek stuff except video games until I went to college and joined a little group of crazy, cheerful, lovely and geeky people. Thanks to them I discovered this world I now love so much about comics, anime and cosplay. Fortunately, some of […]

Dublin Comic Con 2018.

  Empty Cosplay and Jichiie were fortunate enough to receive press passes to Dublin Comic Con 2018. They attended the press conference on Friday evening with Orange is the New Black star Lori Petty and Riverdale star Lochlyn Munro and then again on Saturday. The other guests that attended DCC this year were Peter Macon, […]

How To Prepare For a Cosplay Photoshoot

 Cosplay Photoshoot Tips for Beginners Hey, Carmello Cosplay here, I have been asked A LOT by people, How do you prepare for a cosplay photoshoot. I have worked with many photographers and have picked up an INSANE amount of cosplay photoshoot tips to pass on to people who may have a shoot in the future. […]

Prop Tutorial: Tifa Final Fantasy 7’s Elbow Pad!

Cosplay Prop Tutorial: Tifa Final Fantasy 7’s Elbow Pad! This is how I made my Tifa Armour! I had a few people asking for this when I made Tifa so I’m happy to show you what I did! Things I used: 10mm foam/ floor mats – 5mm is more than enough though! 2mm for detailing! […]

Shopping the Look: A brief guide to buying your cosplay

Cosplay Shopping: A brief guide to buying your cosplay

As far as cosplay how-tos go there always is a focus on crafting when cosplay shopping or buying your cosplay fully or in part is just as legitimate a choice. After all, the combination of costume and play into cosplay means just that you get into your outfit and pretend to be your character of choice. There is no inherent obligation to create anything.

Like sewing and crafting, of course, buying your cosplays comes with its own challenges. As the hobby’s popularity keeps growing, so does the number of businesses offering ready-made or commissioned cosplays. Beyond pricing, prospective buyers will have to compare processing times, materials and reviews to name just a few.

For those looking to purchase all or part of their cosplays here are a few tips to help you navigate the jungle of offers and find the outfit that fits both you and your budget.

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No Game No Life: Zero Movie Review

No Game No Life: Zero Movie Review

We’ve all seen the mind blowing 10/5 anime that is No Game No Life, we’ve all been screaming, praying, and begging for that so long awaited season 2 only to get this movie and probably another 4 long years of arbitrary waiting time before another NGNL works comes out. But nevertheless, this is one movie definitely to battle your way to win a ticket to see on the big screen!

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