Guild of Nerds  is a cosplay events and media organisation set up in 2014. We now have a Dublin and Belfast team with a UK partner Costume and Play. We create online content such as news, reviews and interviews. We  also offer such services as organising cosplay competitions, meet ups, areas and events at conventions, festivals, corporate events and trade shows. Our main focus is to create entertainment for cosplayers and attendees of all events we work with and to get more people in to the hobby and raise awareness of this industry we love. The team is made up of mostly cosplayers and fans of nerd culture.

Cosplay is a mix of the words costume and play, cosplay is a hobby where cosplayers would wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character. Cosplay as a hobby is becoming more popular with more people starting the hobby or having an interest every year. Over the years we have been able to do many great things and now with so many cosplay and gaming influencers on the team we aim to beat all these personal bests.