My First Cosplay: Ezio, Assassins Creed – Onyx Assassin


I wasn’t always interested in cosplay, comics, anime or any kind of geek stuff except video games until I went to college and joined a little group of crazy, cheerful, lovely and geeky people. Thanks to them I discovered this world I now love so much about comics, anime and cosplay. Fortunately, some of the members of this group used to work at anime conventions in Spain, mainly in Madrid so they told me their experiences and it sounded like so much fun that I wanted to go to a convention and make my very first cosplay for it.

I had no experience or idea at all about cosplay. The only thing I knew was that I could be or do whatever I put my mind to. A young or old character, a female or male character from any comic, anime or video game which is great. It makes you feel so free to be them for one or two days and it doesn’t matter if you look like that character or not. So my favourite thing at that time was Assassin’s Creed, so I decided to go as Ezio in his Onyx suit – I like the design of the uniform and the colour. 

This costume has so many decorative parts on the clothing and blades, the cloak hanging from one side and tied to the opposite shoulder and neck, the boots, the belt and the emblem on it and the hood. It was very complicated to make but I liked it so I knew I was going to enjoy making the costume. Also, I asked a member of the group who dressed as Ezio once and he explained to me that he needed one whole year to make his costume! Of course, he laughed at me as I only had two weeks but I wanted to try it anyway.

So, first of all, I went to a tailor’s shop and bought the fabric for the costume. Making the whole costume required lots of time so I also looked at home for black clothes which I could use. I had the trousers and the jumper, now I needed the blades, the cloak and the belt. The boots were easy as I had a pair very similar and for the cloak, I just needed to measure it out – luckily, my dad was a tailor before retiring so I had enough material at home like needles, measurement tools and thread. I just needed to sow the metallic part on the shoulder, which I made with EVA foam and then add the string that goes all the way down my armpit. For the string I used elastic which was perfect. I just needed to make a couple of holes in both sides of the cloak and put the elastic through so it fitted perfectly.

I made the cloak in one afternoon. Most of the cosplay was done by just recycling some clothes and using a bit of fabric. I was so happy to see my costume getting done step by step and I enjoyed making it. When you enjoy making a costume, it is very special for you and it means a lot to you.

Now comes the challenge:

I still had a lot of time but in the end, it wasn’t enough. I needed to make the blades and the belt. The blades had to be usable so they would be harder to make than the cloak. I decided to leave the blades until the end and make the belt. As I didn’t have any steel or knew anybody that could make me the emblem, I decided to recycle a piece of cardboard. I drew the emblem with all the detailing. When I finished I cut it out and glued on some tin foil so it looked like it was steel. I knew these were cheap and not very realistic materials but I had nothing better and I was running out of time to purchase items online. So in two days, I made the emblem, which wasn’t 100% perfect but I was happy with my work. 

For the belt I took a black scarf and sewed the emblem to it – after the convention, I could just cut the thread and have the scarf back. Using EVA foam and cardboard I made some throwing blades like the ones Ezio has on his hips to throw to his enemies from the distance.

The time came for me to make the blades, I didn’t have much time left. I decided to make a simple blade that wouldn’t come out by pressing a button, but instead I would pull it out with my hand. I had forgotten to make the hood but the jumper had a hood so I considered not making one. Then I thought, let’s finish it properly so I can be closer to my favourite character. I need to measure my head and cut the fabric, and then sow one side making a triangle and if it was too tight, sewing more fabric to the sides. The hood was awful, it didn’t look like a hood at all so it was too far away from looking like a Renaissance hood. I did my best, I enjoyed making it and it wasn’t perfect but I liked it. I felt like Ezio – more or less – and I was proud of my costume. I gained a lot of experience for the following costume so it wasn’t all bad.

I went to the Japan Weekend (the convention in Madrid) in my Ezio’s costume I felt so proud of myself and enjoyed it so much  that I wanted to other conventions. I met so many people, made new friends and some people came up to me asking for pictures and I got so excited. A new cosplayer was born.

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