Prop Tutorial: Tifa Final Fantasy 7’s Elbow Pad!

Cosplay Prop Tutorial: Tifa Final Fantasy 7’s Elbow Pad!

This is how I made my Tifa Armour! I had a few people asking for this when I made Tifa so I’m happy to show you what I did!

Things I used:

  • 10mm foam/ floor mats – 5mm is more than enough though!

  • 2mm for detailing!

  • Bottle lids

  • Hot Glue/super glue

  • Heat Gun

Step 1 – Patterns!

So the first thing I did was make a pattern roughly on paper! This wasn’t hard as I knew what shape I was going for.  There was a lot of different ways that others had made theirs so I tried my best to stick with the official concept art that there was of her, I’ll post the image I used of her at the very end of the tutorial!

Once I was happy with the paper design I copied it onto 10mm foam floor mats and cut it out, putting 2mm around the edges for a bit of detail. I then heated the foam up and wrapped it around my elbow to make sure it would the size I needed it! The dots are for the next step.

 Step 2 – Bolts

Make sure you have heated the pad around you elbow to shape it before this step! It makes it easier!

So the bolts! If you have your own idea for the bolts then go ahead and try it, this was just something that worked well for me!  I used bottle lids from soft drink bottles to make the bolts!  I had to sand a few down to make them smooth on the sides but once I was happy with them I simply hot glued them on! I used 6 but I have seen some use 4 it really depends on how you want your Tifa to turn out!

 Step 3 – Painting

I covered the whole thing in about 4 layers of gesso… I prime all my foam work with it, but you can use whatever primer you think is best or works for you!  I just wanted it really white to hide the colours of the bottle lids! (which I didn’t even need to do…).

I then used a enamel spray paint that I can get from my local pound store! I love that paint! The only thing with using enamel paint is that acrylic paint will peal off it easily! So I would use it wisely! I only use it when I have things that are all going the same colour!  Once it was drying I made the armour she has on her boot the same way and used the same paint!

 All pretty and silver! But WAY too clean for my liking, I wanted my Tifa to look like she had been fighting so I added some weathering! Using a black oil paint on a cue tip i went around the sides of my armour and a little in between the bolts to make the armour look dirtier and battle worn, I added a little bit of this to the foot armour too although walking around a con all day helped make it look battle worn anyway!

 (feat Todoroki) This is what my armour looked like once everything was finished drying! I loved the way it looked!  I added a red strap to mine to help it stay on with just a polycotton fabric and some Velcro, even though in the image it was black, but it slides on and off and it fits nicely around my elbow! The shoe armour I simply super glued to a old pair of red boots.

This was the Tifa image I used throughout while finishing the rest of her costume too, it was a official one I found from Square Enix.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to message me on any of my social media

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